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A short introduction

Although most of this site is written in the Dutch language, I thought it only proper to say some brief things about this site in English. (and who knows, if I get a lot of requests to translate more of this site in english, I might just do that.)

What is "Jaarvereniging KL'94 Quod Dixi Dixi"?

This will probably one of the first questions a visitor will ask. Translated this means as much as "Yearclub Royal (Netherlands) Army '94 Quod Dixi Dixi". It is the club of officers of the Royal Netherlands Army, who went together to the Royal Military Academy in 1994. The title Quod Dixi Dixi (QDD) is Latin and means "What I've said, I've said", in other words, "I'll keep my word/promise".

Goal of this site

This site is THE place where members of QDD can come together, wherever they are. It is THE site to find out where colleagues are, how to reach them by email, or just say "Hi". For those who are not members of QDD this site hopes to give an accurate picture of the Royal Military Academy, and some of it's traditions, especially those related to the "jaarverenigingen" (yearclubs).

What can one find on this site?

What can one find if one is NOT able to read Dutch?

Frankly, not much at this moment. Although, as I mentioned earlier, if I receive some requests, we might consider tranlating some stuff. The following things are available in English:

A final word

As this page is one of the few in english, you will find that most of the links will direct you to pages in Dutch. I understand that this can be quite annoying, but remember, it beats trying to learn Dutch!

Contact QDD

Any questions? Whatever you want to say, mail to: QDD@vrenken.com  


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