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Force XXI and Army Digitization

You Know You're Going Overboard When ...


- Every platoon's TO&E includes: "Novell Certified Engineer (1)".

- Every vehicle has 'Intel Inside' stenciled on the side

- The service is renamed 'US Army 97'

- Tanks play a little tune when you start them up

- Units are known as "Company, Tank, Release 6.1A"

- The company medic carries Dr Solomon Anti-Virus in his first-aid kit

- There is a 1-800 tech support number that comes w/ your vehicle

- Your gunsights have a win95 start-up screen

- When every day of Marine Corps boot camp is ended with the recruits shouting "Good Night, Bill Gates, wherever you are!"

- When military funerals feature the "21 beep salute" and the "missing file formation".

- Guidons have Bar Codes instead of words

- One Station Unit Training (OSUT-basic training) is renamed "Complete Format" and OCS "Quick Format"  

- Infantry First Sergeants constantly look for that One Guy who does NOT have Thick Glasses and an Engineering Degree so he can be issued The Rifle and serve as the Company Shooter.


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